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Discovering trade shows in 2024: concrete sources of innovation for self-care and nutraceuticals

Written by Alexandra Lecomte on .

Genuine treasure troves of information, professional trade shows nourish innovation processes giving rise to future developments. These events provide visibility to ingredients, finished products, galenic formulations, and technologies ready to be in the limelight. To you, stakeholders in the self-care and nutraceutical markets: whether you are unable to attend in person or are seeking an outside perspective, we commission our experts to find the best connections and information tailored to your project goals.

Trend revealers

In the natural health and self-care sector, some trade shows have been long-standing essential events, such as Vitafoods or Natural Expo West across the Atlantic. Other newer shows, like I Feel Good in Paris, highlight specific themes like sustainable development and “Green and Clean” beauty, whether it’s In or Out.

Trend revealers of self-care and nutraceuticals with BOTANI BRANDS, Natural Selfcare Architects

These venues for meetings and exchanges enable to tangibly progress on identified projects while staying attuned to the market while grasping nuances and upcoming trends. It’s also possible to spot what could become a breakthrough innovation, a differentiating lever, a strategic partnership, or simply the result of thoughtful consideration.

Discover concrete sources of innovation for self-care and nutraceuticals with BOTANI BRANDS, Natural Selfcare Architects.

Key dates for trade shows in 2024: Mark your calendars!

The self-care and natural products trade shows are plentiful and punctuate the year, so get ready, take note!

Nutraceuticals6-7 March 2024 (Barcelona, Spain)
CBD Expo23-25 March 2024 (Paris, France)
Supply Side East16-17 April 2024 (New Jersey, USA)
Vitafoods14-16 May 2024 (Geneva, Switzerland)
The New Well8-10 June 2024 (Paris, France)
I feel good17-18 September (Paris, France)
Natexpo23-24 September 2024 (Lyon, France)
Nutrevent1-2 October (Lille, France)
CPHI8-10 October 2024 (Milan, Italia)
Supply Side West28 October – 1 November 2024 (Las Vegas, USA)
FIE-HIE19-21 November 2024 (Frankfurt, Germany)

Our expertise at your service

Observation, listening, curiosity, and endurance: our senior experts will be your eyes, ears, taste buds (and legs) and will be the opportunity to meet with key players in your market to discuss their proposals and grasp their value and strengths. Our understanding and knowledge of the self-care sector enable us to identify opportunities aligned with your strategy and areas of interest.

Opportunity identification (trends, innovations, potential partnerships), networking, and collecting relevant data… We start with your specifications to identify and gather pertinent elements that will fuel your developments. A presentation of the identified potentials with pre-evaluations in regulatory, scientific/medical, technical, and marketing aspects will then pave the way for advancing towards the realisation of these projects for your brands.

Our experts can subsequently continue to support you up until these product developments see the light of day.

Don’t wait, contact us to discuss your expectations and objectives

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